Why You Need Wellness in Your Wardrobe.


Wellness: the buzzword of the year!

Whether related to food, fitness, or spirituality, it’s hard to go very far without encountering this important word.

Well, what is wellness anyway?

According to the National Wellness Institute. Wellness is, “An active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”

This made me wonder:  how does wellness relate to fashion?

What would ‘wardrobe wellness’ look like? Wellness and our wardrobes do relate! Not only that, it’s imperative for our mental health that they relate!

Let’s rework this definition.

Wardrobe Wellness: An active process through which you become aware of and make choices to obtain a more successful wardrobe, and therefore a more successful life.

Become more aware of my clothing? Is that really necessary?


It may seem a little woo woo, but think about it. Wearing clothing is something we do every single day…most of us anyways! Sure, clothes are just clothes, but they are also vehicles of expression. They assist us in functioning everyday, and can reflect what’s going on in our interior world…a.k.a our minds. It is important that we are conscious of how all our daily activities, including what we choose to wear, affects our health and…you got it…wellness.

How does one infuse wellness into their wardrobe?

The first step is to become aware of what you currently have in your closet. After that, remove/replace the things that are not moving you towards your best wardrobe, and your best self.

For example: Those old ratty jeans you throw on before eating a carton of ice cream and watching Netflix until the ‘are you still watching?’ prompt comes up? Probably not motivating you to be your best self. Toss those.

Take an honest look at your closet and ask yourself: Are these clothes moving me closer or further away from my best life?

Here is a simple and easy exercise to start getting your Wardrobe Wellness on!

7-Day Wardrobe Wellness Challenge

For the next seven days take a photo of yourself in every outfit you wear. I’m talking gym outfit, work outfit, running errands outfits…all of ‘em! Don’t stress the photo quality. It can be a quick mirror selfie. At the end of the 7-Days go back through your photos and ask yourself:

  1. Does this item fit me properly?
  2. Does this item make me feel good about myself?
  3. Does this item offer necessary utility? (ex. Running shoe, yoga pants)
  4. Does this item reflect my best self?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then consider donating your item. Or giving it to a friend you don’t like……only kidding!

This exercise is meant to help you become more conscious of your clothing choices so you can weed out negativity, and be left with a gorgeous, well-fitting, happy-making wardrobe!

Take the 7-Day Wardrobe Wellness Challenge and let me know what you learn! I read every comment and every email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Friend,


2 responses to “Why You Need Wellness in Your Wardrobe.

  1. Arden,
    I love this blog! It is so well written…and helpful. I plan to practice what you have preached on my closet… and try to make it balance better with my actual lifestyle. Great, practical suggestions.
    (I even ordered a floral jacket to pair with some of my black dresses and pants.)
    Looking forward to more articles!

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