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I recently did an interview with my good friend Audrey of affectionatelyaudrey.com that I am thrilled to share with you! Audrey has a style that is all her own. She is unapologetically bold with a mix of classic and whimsy. Her down to earth approach to style is both inspiring and confidence inducing.

Check it out!

1. You’re definitely no wallflower when it comes to fashion! How would you describe your personal style?

I get asked that question a lot and i’m never quite sure how to answer it because my style is so all over the place. I wear what I want when I want! One day I might have a very 80’s vibe while the next I look very couture and modern. What I can say of my style is, I always try to look classy even in my most edgy outfits, and there are very few days where I don’t look funky or am wearing something that doesn’t make sense to most people. So, long story short I guess, I could describe my style as funky with classic influences.

2. When did you start getting into fashion? Was there anything in particular that sparked it?

I started getting more into style and fashion in my late teens, but didn’t really discover my love for funky and outlandish style more until my early to mid twenties. I used to look and dress like a tom-boy mostly because my family wasn’t influenced by fashion so it was a world I wasn’t really exposed to. My best friend in high school and her mother helped start me on my style journey, and through the years I figured out my own style and what I liked. The confidence to style myself was definitely a gradual thing and I had to come to a place where I no longer cared what others thought of me. That’s when my best styling happened.

3.What does your process look like when you get dressed each morning? Is it more method? or madness?

Definitely a combination of both. I think most people see me and think it is a breeze for me to get dressed every morning, which is the farthest thing from the truth. Some mornings an outfit falls right into place, but most days I almost pull my hair out because I’m so frustrated. I find some of my best outfits come out of those frustrating days though. When I don’t have the time to over-analyze what I picked out and have just thrown something together is when I get the most compliments. I think because people want to see something new and different, not rehearsed and methodical. So I try to allot enough time to get ready while also allowing myself the freedom to get frustrated, which is when my style is stretched the most.

4.Because your style is so unique and fun do you ever get nervous about what people will think? And how to do you deal with it if so?

I used to be a lot more self-conscious and insecure than I am today. I still have days where I look at myself in the mirror and think “What in the world am I wearing?”, but I generally just wear it anyway and disregard any crazy looks I might get. Confidence in yourself and your style is definitely a journey and takes time. I believe one thing that hinders people from finding that confidence is impatience. We live in a “I want it right now” society, but that’s just not reality. Gaining confidence, especially in something so outward and obvious as style, takes a lot of time and determination. You have to decide that what you want or what you are working for is more important than other people’s opinions. I get weird looks all of the time, but I just give them a weird look back and move on with my day.

5.How does working in retail affect your attitude towards style?

Working in retail is tough. Especially in such a trendy world. Some days I leave work exhausted and uninspired because I’ve battled with 20 people and their hundreds of hang-ups and rules about fashion. Other days I leave feeling respected and encouraged because I helped someone and they valued my experience and knowledge of style. It’s the customers who have become my close friends and trust my knowledge that really make my job worth it. It helps me get through the days with the “let me tell you why you shouldn’t wear white after labor day” customers.

6. I know you used to be a cop! How did you go from a cop to fashion blogger and stylist?

It really is a weird and funny thought that I went from forensics to fashion and I don’t blame people for not believing it! I am a big believer that everything you learn through a career or relationship can help you in other paths along your life no matter how unrelated they may be. The communication skills and discipline I learned in Law Enforcement help me tremendously in my job every single day! The transition itself kind of happened without me knowing it. I had always been interested in fashion, but didn’t really have the time or energy to really pursue it while I was in LE. When I left the Police Dept., after almost 9 years, I started working for a small boutique in my home town which gave me the push I needed to pursue style. Although, when I wasn’t working, training, or in court at the PD, I was always dressed up so it really isn’t a surprise to me that I ended up pursuing style so passionately.

7.Tell us more about your blog Affectionately Audrey. Why did you start it? What’s the mission?

My blogging journey has been a crazy one. I started it when I was still living in Georgia and did not realize then how the “southern style and trendiness” influenced my pursuit of style. It was hard to step out of the box while living there because people are just so unwilling to accept and encourage a funkier side of fashion. I hate to admit it, but I was pretty basic back then. Haha! It wasn’t until I moved to Nashville that I really grew and learned what I wanted my style to be. I decided to take a year off from blogging so I could really figure out my style outside of those southern influences. I came back almost a year ago and I can definitely say that I am now unapologetically myself and wear what I want. I create outfits and style with the hope that it will inspire others to be bold and believe not only in themselves, but what they are capable of accomplishing. I preach that anyone can be stylish, it just takes confidence and a little guidance. I want to help grow that confidence and teach people how to style the pieces they already have while gradually pushing them out of their comfort zones. That’s when the real magic happens.

8.If you could offer any words of encouragement to other women regarding fashion/personal style. What would they be?

To just be yourself. Don’t allow fear of other people’s opinions to make you stagnant; that goes for anything, not just style. And try new things! You will never grow in your pursuit of style if you stick to the same old black jeans and t-shirt all of the time. Throw on a new pattern and rock it. The best accessory is confidence and I am convinced that I get so many comments and compliments because of it. People see “you” before they see what you are wearing. If you exude confidence then they will also feel confident in what you are wearing. Lastly, be patient with yourself while you are figuring out what you like. Don’t lose yourself in frustration and forget what you are trying to do!


I couldn’t have said it better myself! I hope you feel inspired to be bold and to dress in a way that makes YOU happy!  To get more of Audrey’s style advice check out affectionatelyaudrey.com

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