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We all know that feeling. Rushing around the house  late for work, and then suddenly  frozen solid as you approach your closet. Frustration grows as you scan your closet full of clothes, and find nothing to wear. This shirt doesn’t work with these pants. I don’t have the right shoes for this dress. This skirt makes me feel fat …and so on. Pieces of clothing seem to be staring back at you screaming ‘pick me pick me,’ but in the end it’s the same old story. You end up picking the old tired thing you always wear.

There is a solution! A way to structure your thinking so you don’t have to feel defeated each morning as you get dressed. A way to buy smarter so the clothes you purchase actually make it onto your bod.

It’s called Choosing Your 5. What are the 5 areas of your life that you dress for the most?

Break down your lifestyle. What do you do in your life? Where do you live? Do you go to an office? Do you run around with kids? Do you go out with the girls? The activities you participate in the most will determine what you buy the most.

Take me for example. My 5 would be (in no particular order)

  1.   Exercise
  2.   Work
  3.   Errands/Home
  4.   Going out on the town!
  5.   Special Events

Next step. Let’s put these in order.

  1. Work
  2. Errands/Home
  3. Exercise
  4. Going out on the town!
  5. Special Events

What do these life activities consist of?

1) Work.

-Working in an office part time 5 days a week. (Business Casual)

-Working from home/coffee shop (Creating for LVS and loving it!)

2) Errands/Home

–  Shopping, groceries, appointments etc.

– Cleaning/Cooking

– Hanging at home

3) Exercise. 

-Hitting the gym 4 times a week. Ok, 3 but I’m working up to 4!

-Walking with my dog

4) Going out on the town!

-Date night with my boo

-Drinks/Dinner with friends


5) Special Events.




Remember, some of your areas may be weighted very similarly. Some of the things you do may take up more time than others. You may only have 3 major areas of your life to shop for, or you may have 7! There is no right answer. Take a hard look at how your life breaks down in terms of time. There is no wrong answer, it is YOUR life and YOUR wardrobe!

Ideally your closet should be a direct reflection of your lifestyle (your 5). If it isn’t, then it is time to consider doing some wardrobe editing (aka getting rid of some of your shit).

Some of this may seem obvious, but take a look in your closet. How many items do you have that have never been worn, or will never have an occasion to be worn? Do you see room for items you may need right now?  When our wardrobe reflects our lives, it allows us to get dressed without the frustration & negativity.

Once you get real about the life you have and aren’t stressed about what to wear, it gives you room to create the life you want. And look damn good doin’ it!

Let me know how this exercise works for you! I read every email and every comment!

Your Friend,


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