“Ma’am, you look parched. Do you need water?”

Sweat has me glowing like a department store Christmas tree, and the random stranger on the street offers me a napkin to wipe the copious sweat from my face.

I smile and pull out my own napkin from my purse. See, this is not my first rodeo.

What can I say, I am hot-natured and know that when the sun is blazin’, I am going to be bakin’.

It can be a challenge to figure out what to wear, when it’s insanely hot outside. Frankly, it can be hard to want to wear anything at all.  

Dressing for the heat while also looking fashionable can be difficult. Sometimes, the challenge lies in merging the utility of dressing for heat while looking fashionable. I get so frustrated when it gets hot, because I feel like I have to sacrifice style for the sake of function.

Can we look good and beat the heat? I think we can!

Here are some tips so you don’t look like a melting painting this summer.


Avoid synthetic fabrics

Ever put something on and instantly feel yourself over-heating? That’s because your skin is being suffocated! Let it breath, man. Most of the year you probably won’t even notice a difference, but in the summer run from fabrics like Polyester, Nylon, Silk, and Viscose.

Cotton, Linen, Chambray, and Rayon are your summer best friends.


Select colors that don’t show sweat

Anything gray is for a cooler day! Choose either darker or lighter colors and avoid the in between. Both dark and light colors are excellent at hiding sweat stains.


Keep it loose

Warm weather usually means tighter clothing. While your tighter options may be super cute, they also make you sweat. Tight-to-your-skin clothing means your skin can’t breathe, and moisture will be trapped underneath the fabric. To beat the sweat, opt for loose fabrics that float away from your skin.


Comfortable footwear

I am a heels girl at heart, but when it’s hot outside I’d rather die than wear heels. Heels physically take more effort to wear. So when it’s hot outside I opt for comfortable shoes to minimize the amount of exertion, thus minimizing the sweat!


Wear a light bag

Are you one of those people who carries their life in their purse? When it’s hot, leave all the extras at home. There is nothing worse than having a heavy bag falling off your shoulder on a hot day. Choose a lighter bag with just the bare necessities.



See, all hope is not all lost! You can look cute in the heat. Just follow these simple tips!

How do you look good in the heat? Let me know your tips! I read every comment and every email!

Your Friend,

Arden B.



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